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Product Returns

To process a return or exchange, head to our support page here, contact us in whichever method you prefer and we will process your refund.

We offer a 90-day return policy for every first-time customer. If the product does not meet your expectations you are eligible for a full refund within the first 90 days starting the day the purchase was placed. This 90-day return policy is limited to first-time customers only and applies to 1 product per customer. If you purchase more than 1 product, you will only be eligible to return 1 of those products under this policy. If you purchase a product and returned it under the 90-day return policy, we reserve the right to limit the sales of our products to you in a future purchase. We may exercise this right on a case-by-case basis at our discretion.

In addition to the 90-day return policy for first-time customers, any customer that receives a defective or damaged product is eligible for an exchange or return at no additional cost.