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Why SoM?

Focused on what matters

CBD is full of gimmicks and most premium CBD brands are similar. That said, there’s a few things that matter when it comes to CBD: how it’s grown, how it’s made, safety, potency, and value. We focus on these key factors, and back it up with 90-day refunds for any reason.

Produced in the USA

SoM is grown and made in the USA to ensure the highest quality ingredients, production standards, and to support sustainable American farmers and businesses.

Our Process

Quality without compromise

1. How it’s grown

California farms, focused on sustainability

Our hemp plants are organically grown in nutrient-rich Californian soil, without pesticides or GMOs, to ensure sustainable crop management. Our farmers love hemp because it grows easily, and earns a better living than typical crops.

SoM CBD farm
SoM CBD CO2 extraction

2. How it’s made

Minimal processing, premium methods

We start with the whole hemp plant, which maintains its 100+ natural properties. The CBD is extracted from the hemp using CO2 extraction, which is more expensive, but maximizes potency and purity. Our facilities are certified by the FDA for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

3. Safety and purity

Tested and retested

SoM is tested 3 times throughout the production process. Test 1 confirms the quality of the hemp, test 2 ensures purity and potency, and test 3 is performed on the final product by an independent lab, certifying SoM for purity, safety, and potency, as seen here.

SoM CBD testing

The Final Product

All-natural, organic, and pure

SoM is organic, 100% plant-based, certified free of any impurities, and potent. Unlike CBD that's broad-spectrum, SoM is full-spectrum, meaning it includes all the natural cannabinoids, which work together to create the "entourage effect" for maximum benefit.

Pesticide Test:


Microbial Test:


Mycotoxins Test:


Heavy Metals Test:


Residual Solvent Test:


Pesticide Test:


Microbial Test:


Mycotoxins Test:


Heavy Metals Test:


Residual Solvent Test:



2,000mg = 4x the potency

At 2000mg of CBD per bottle, SoM is 4x as potent as the average brand. This means that 1 bottle of SoM contains as much CBD as 4 bottles from other brands, which only contain 500mg on average.

SoM CBD 4X potency
SoM CBD sustainable, less waste


More potency, less waste

Because SoM contains 4x as much CBD per bottle, you only need to order 1/4 as often. This means less waste in the form of packaging, bottles, and shipping emissions.


Save 76% per mg

By offering 4x the average potency and bulk pricing, you save 76% per mg of CBD. So you get 120 doses per bottle, for only slightly more than the cost of the average bottle with 30 doses.

Our Guarantee

Love it, or it’s on us

If you don’t love SoM, for any reason, just ask for a refund within 90 days. Contact us on our support page, and we’ll make it painless and easy.

Our Reputation

Thoughts from our customers

Excellent sleep during tough times

During these tough times I have been looking for anything to help me sleep. As an athlete who is still in training, sleep is an important part of my recovery process. This has been one of the best tools I have found to get me into a deep sleep cycle. It has allowed me to recover and preform effectively. Love it

Sonja Nedelcu


It's working!

If it doesn't seem to be working at first, hang in there. It took a week, and then one day it was just like someone flipped a switch. Things started improving from there. It's not a miracle, but certainly a much safer alternative to many potent pharmaceuticals. I will say the flavor is not the best, but you adjust. Worth it.

Steve Mattox


Less pain and inflammation

I have been using SoM for 2 months now and have experienced less inflammation and pain in an ankle that was fractured 3+ years ago. The anxiety surrounding the pain I was experiencing has lessened too. I am very pleased and highly recommend!

Sungwoo Choi


helps me unwind

I was really surprised at how much this has helped me stay active and positive after a long day at work. Often, I'm pretty tired after work and just want to lay on the couch and not move. But this has really help me still be productive on personal things while lowering the "on edge" feeling I get from work.

Liam Theis


Great CBD company

Hands down best CBD I have ever used! (and believe me I have tried a bunch of different brands). The price tag seems high at first, but when you consider the amount of actual CBD you get, it's one of the best out there

Cody Schiemann


Seriously relaxing

A great way to wind down after a long day. About 15 minutes after taking I felt a sense of calm come over. I felt relaxed and slept great. No grogginess or fog in the morning too.

Amanda Gilbert


Surprisingly Effective

I'm a young father juggling a busy career, home life, and a passion for endurance sports. All of this has cumulatively led to less than quality sleep and recovery, plus increasing zombie like feelings, particularly during the COVID era. I found SoM indirectly from a fellow endurance athlete and skeptically decided to give it a try. After a few days at the recommended dosage with no noticeable effect I tried doubling the dosage each night for the past 7 days. I'm happy to report that it's since been wonderful when used at this strength!

Christopher Brown


Truly helps with my anxiety

I've been trying a million things as of late to help manage my overall focus and de-stress. I've now been using this tincture for the last few weeks, taking it every day, and I have noticed a real positive impact on my mood and productivity. I now swear by it and reccomend it to anyone who will listen

Clare Watson


More effective than expected

I have been looking for something to help me focus and to take the edge off since I've been v stressed out. This has worked so far! It's like an instant mood booster

Kelsey Billy


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